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Used Farm Equipment

Sugar Beet

John Deere 200


Sugarbeet thinner 12R22, the unit is shedded

& in working order.

Note: Four of these are sold!

Priced at $2,400.

John Deere 200

DH-01    12-12-2011

Sugarbeet thinners 12R22". shedded

Priced at $2,400.

Alloway 3030 Row Crop Cultivator

24 row 22" - Has Double Frame Toolbar
Has single tine heavy duty shank/row with tall rolling shields, pair of lift assist, some welding on hinges.

Priced at $8,900.

Rolling Shields

John Deere Mounting Brackets: 6 pairs of rolling shields, fits 4"x7" bar & 7"x7" & others.

Priced at $20/pair.

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